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As far back as I can remember I have always loved chocolate, in particular artisan crafted chocolate. My passion for chocolate began when I was a small girl growing up in Switzerland. Each night after dinner my parents would give me a few pieces of fine Swiss chocolate, a family tradition that set in place my dream of one day becoming a chocolatier.

As a teen my appreciation for chocolate deepened when I started visiting the many chocolate factories in my region such as Camille Bloch, Callier and Lindt, not to mention sampling the beautiful chocolates made by the local artisan chocolatiers.

Back in 2008, I began my quest to be a chocolatier starting with an introductory course on chocolate making. Since then, I have completed a number of courses in Melbourne and Singapore. I have also recieved coaching from master chocolatiers in Switzeralnd, Singapore and Milan and have spent countless hours mastering the skills of an artisan chocolatier in my dedicated chocolate kitchen.

Which brings me to the name of my business; Murielle Vuilleumier Swiss Chocolatier or the monogram MVSC Chocolates. In essence I wanted a name that reminded me of my Swiss heritage and ensured that I keep my mission to make fine chocolate the way the Swiss do using only highest quality Swiss couverture.

I now take great pleasure in crafting iconic pieces of fine chocolate for my customers. What’s more, I work with my designer husband for inspiration and ideas on recipes, finishes and packaging.

Murielle Vuilleumier
Murielle Vuilleumier

We are Swiss chocolatiers. We transform Swiss couverture into exquisite chocolates.

"Murielle Vuilleumier Chocolatier"

Murielle Vuilleumier

Murielle is the Chocolatier at MVSC. She is passionate about developing and designing new recipes for her collection.

Michael Osborne

Michael Osborne

Apart from standard company responsibilities, Michael, a graphic designer is responsible for marketing, packaging and social media.