My Heritage

As far back as I can remember I have always loved chocolate, in particular artisan-made chocolate. My passion for chocolate began when I was a small girl growing up in Switzerland.
Each night after dinner my parents would give me a few pieces of fine Swiss chocolate, a family tradition that set in place my dream of one day becoming a chocolatier. As a teen my appreciation for chocolate deepened when I started visiting the many chocolate factories in my region such as Camille Bloch, Callier and Lindt, not to mention sampling the beautiful chocolates made by the local artisan chocolatiers.

How I Started

Back in 2008, I began my quest to be a chocolatier starting with an introductory course on chocolate making. Since then, I have completed a number of courses in Melbourne and Singapore. I have also recieved coaching from master chocolatiers in Switzeralnd, Singapore and Milan and have spent countless hours mastering the skills of an artisan chocolatier in my dedicated chocolate kitchen.
I now take great pleasure in crafting iconic pieces of fine chocolate for my customers. What’s more, I work with my designer husband for inspiration and ideas on recipes, finishes and packaging.

My Mission

Which brings me to the name of my business; Murielle Vuilleumier Swiss Chocolatier or the monogram MVSC Chocolates. In essence I wanted a name that reminded me of my Swiss heritage and ensured that I keep my mission to make fine chocolate the way the Swiss do using only highest quality Swiss couverture.